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the mama project: surviving (and thriving)

(photo taken by iPhone)

And….hello from babyland!  I’m finding a bit of time to blog, in between nursing, being pooped and peed on and smelling a little bit like baby spit up.  Make-up is a luxury these days (when I have time to put it on) and showers are my “me-time” (no…not spa time or salon time or play some tennis time…it’s shower time, dammit).

Since I have some time in between Finley’s napping (I know I’m supposed to nap when he naps, but I just don’t and can’t work that way), I’ve discovered a few things that have been helpful in this adventure into babyland and a few things I have fallen in love with – things I wish I knew sooner and things that I know can’t live without…and I’m sharing it with you (but remember…these are only recommendations and things that have worked for me)!

Hoag Hospital Lactation Consultants
In the first week of bringing Finley home, I had a few issues with successful breastfeeding.  It was frustrating and difficult and when I sought out some help via Hoag Hospital’s Babyline, I made an appointment to meet with a private lactation consultant.  It was the best $40 decision I could have made for myself and for Finn.  Since the appointment, we’ve had nothing but success in the breastfeeding category…now, if we could find some success in the sleeping for more than a few hours, that would be another blog post.  :)

What to Expect the First Year
After giving birth via emergency c-section and recovering from one of the most traumatic experiences in life, you end up laying in your hospital bed with a baby in your arms.  What the heck are you supposed to do next?  I had NO clue.  This book came in handy (along with Dr. Google) and has taken prime property on my night stand – easy to read and extremely searchable via index – this book was a gift sent from babyland heaven.  There are monthly breakdowns and frequently asked questions, just like the original What to Expect When Expecting.

What to Expect Baby (the mobile app)
I absolutely love this mobile app!  I went through a handful of baby tracking mobile apps and this one worked best for me.  While going through these weeks through a sleep deprived fog, this app worked great for helping track diapers, nursing and sleeping…the types of things that you should remember but are too tired to remember.  Easy navigation and no need for instructions (my type of app), just download and start clicking away!


The Happiest Baby on the Block
Every. Three. Hours.  That’s what we were told about the feeding patterns of baby from the get go.  On paper, it sounded pretty logical and not that difficult (insert foot into mouth here).  Physically, it’s the most demanding schedule on new parents.  What’s more is that during those three hours, there’s fussing, screaming, crying and all the things that come with having a newborn.  Inexperience in the whole new parent thing has you tearing your hair out, crying at the drop of a dime (in your walk-in closet, no less!), wondering how the heck you’re going to get through this and blaming the next person that walks through the door for your predicament (99% of the time, this would be your husband).  I breezed through this book in the matter of days, soaking up the advice of Dr. Karp and what do you know?  The 5 S’s worked for me and is still working to this day, even though some days it seems as if nothing works.

Moby Wrap
Babywearing: the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or in another form of carrier. (Wikipedia)  What is more convenient than holding your baby and using both arms/hands to get stuff done in and around the house?  After struggling for a few days trying to figure out exactly how to put the wrap on, it has now become one of the most used items in my baby arsenal.  It’s comfortable, stylish and allows me to be able to unload the dishwasher and walk the dog (not at the same time), while Finn is being tended to.  It’s also great for helping with fussiness and colicky babies.  Love this!  There’s also a babywearing movement, so check out online if you’re interested!

Shoosha | Truly Organic
A friend of mine sent me their line of products, from stretch mark oil to baby shampoo and wash.  USDA Certified organic products, these products are made with simple, pure ingredients and smell great too.  For those of you that want to know what products you are putting on your body, this line is worth checking out.    Finn loves the baby shampoo/wash for bath time and really enjoys the baby massage oil for post bath, which usually soothes him into baby dream land.  And if Finn loves it, then this mama ain’t gonna complain!

The Honest Company
Let’s just put it out there…everyone loves Jessica Alba.  What’s not to love?  She’s beautiful, fashionable and just hip.  When she launched The Honest Company, I wasn’t a mama yet but still took an active interest in the baby/family products that she was putting out there.  Now that things have changed for me, I had the perfect opportunity to test out her baby items.  I recently signed up for the diaper bundle service…adorable and eco-friendly diapers and baby wipes, made with great ingredients and safe for the family.  The added plus is that the diapers have all these funky designs to them AND they ship to your door in about two days.  I love the convenience and the designs, while Finn loves a diaper rash free tush.  Check out the Honest Co. here!

These are my current loves…with a little more Dr. Google (like the Mr. likes to call it), I’m sure there will be a few more things that I will come to fall in love with so  stay tuned for more!  XO