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the mama project: nesting and whatnot

Here’s a look into the almost finished version of Finn’s room…almost there!

Week 38.  Snug like a bug in a rug.  This baby is staying where he is, comfortable and warm.  Not. Dilated. One. Bit.  And so, we continue to nest.

Nesting instinct refers to an instinct or urge in pregnant animals to prepare a home for the upcoming newborn(s). It is found in a variety of animals (both mammals and birds) including humans.  In human females, the nesting instinct often occurs around the fifth month of pregnancy, but can occur as late as the eighth, or not at all. It may be strongest just before the onset of labor.  It is commonly characterized by a strong urge to clean and organize one’s home and is one reason why couples who are expecting a baby often reorganize, arrange, and clean the house and surroundings. – Wikipedia

As many of you readers out there who know me, domestic would not be a word you’d use to describe me.  Yet a few weeks ago, I realized that I was becoming a bit more domestic without even realizing it.  As I was reorganizing the baby’s room and neurotically lining up all his clothes by age and months, it hit me…I was nesting.  That definitely explains the weekend of laundry, the reorganization of our walk-in closet, throwing away as many things as possible that haven’t seen the light of day in more than 6 months, freezing dinners, etc.  You’d never think it would happen to you until you find yourself under the coffee table, on your hands and knees, cleaning through the junk box one night and out loud, you say “…why the hell can I not stop cleaning??”  Oh yes, it has happened.  You can’t fight it and I’ve just now added it to my long list of pregnancy happenings.

I am thankful that I have had the most uneventful pregnancy and really cannot complain.  At 38 weeks now, I’m uncomfortable and ready to rock and roll – but he’s just not ready.  When this pregnancy is over, I am looking forward to just a few things:  having my body back where I own my bladder again, eating sushi, drinking a cold beer on a hot day, not having to worry about my swollen fingers and toes, and having my entire closet at my disposal again.  But for now, we wait and I am okay with that.

See you at week 39!

March 22, 2013 - 12:12 pm

Tammy - Yay!!! Can’t wait. (Your blog cracks me up every time… even though I’ve already heard some of the stories by you in person, it never gets old. I am sooo excited!!!!!